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Life Insurance can be used for many different reasons. The most basic premise is that it protects against
loss, if/when someone dies. Life Insurance is a basic staple in protecting one's family. Everyone who has someone that depends on them should strongly consider having Life Insurance in place. Life insurance is one of the things that should not be overlooked.

A few of the reasons to purchase life insurance might be:

  • To protect your family and loved ones against loss, if you die unexpectedly
  • To supplement your life insurance from an employer
  • To pay for your final expenses
  • Business continuation
  • To protect yourself and your business partners, with a Buy/Sell Agreement
  • To help pass on assets to your loved ones
  • To help leave a living legacy to benefit your church or the charity of your choice

There are different types of policies and they can serve different purposes.

The two basic types of life insurance are:

  • Term Insurance- This will provide protection for a certain amount of time. Some examples would be:
    1. Until your morgage is paid off
    2. Until your children graduate from college
    3. Until your grandchildren are out of high school
    4. Until your business has enough equity
    5. Low cost funding for a business buy-sell agreement

  • Permanent Insurance- This type of policy will last your lifetime, and you should not out live the policy. Some examples might be:
    1. To accumulate cash value, while providing a death benefit
    2. To provide for your final expenses
    3. To leave a legacy for your family

This is just to give you some ideas of why you might need Life Insurance. It is best to meet with a licensed agent to discuss your particular needs and situation.

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